Secure computing is becoming more and more difficult. Your customers trust that you will keep their information secure, and you expect to have access to your data when you need it. Unfortunately, there is a constant risk of compromise anytime you are online. While no one can guarantee security, Simplicity Force has a defense in depth strategy to make your computing environment more secure.

Our first line of defense is an enterprise grade firewall to scan all traffic to the internet. These devices are especially good at blocking malicious websites or downloads. The information is constantly being updated, so new threats are blocked very quickly. This helps immensely at preventing phishing attempts. If you are opening up ports for remote access, allowing customers or other visitors to use your network, frequently visiting new websites or corresponding over e-mail with people you don’t know, this device is a great asset. An added feature of these firewalls is the ability to connect to your office remotely. With this device, you can work from anywhere as if you were in the office.

Our second layer of defense is insuring Windows is configured for optimum security. We will check and monitor important settings such as anti-virus and firewall. This second line of defense helps protect against another infected device on the network or malware from sources such as USB drives. It also protects against any threat that may not be detected by the firewall.

Our third layer of defense is monitoring all software installations. By immediately knowing what is installed, we are often able to prevent potential malware from harming the computer. This also provides us an opportunity to discuss best security practices with end users, to help prevent such installations in the future.

While no solution is totally effective against all threats, the security solution offered by Simplicity Force provides a high level of security for small businesses.