With managed services, what you really get is peace of mind. Simplicity Force is constantly monitoring your systems to make sure they are working when you need them. In most cases, we detect issues before our customers. Often, this means we fix the problem before the customer even knows it exists.

We also pride ourselves on being experts in the areas we work. For any solution we provide, we have, at a minimum, received vendor certification to provide that solution. As solutions become increasingly complex and involve multiple vendors, it becomes more important you have a trusted advisor to work with you to solve issues.

Overall, we think we have one of the most complete, cost-effective support offering available. For $28 per computer and $28 per user per month, you get a complete IT solution.

This includes:

· A robust security solution featuring an enterprise grade firewall

· A reliable gigabit local area network with POE switches

· A fast, reliable wireless network including AC access points

· Ongoing software patch management

· Constant remote monitoring

· A unified communications solution including e-mail, messaging and phone service

· Inclusive local support via phone, e-mail or on-site